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You want great things for your life, but no matter what you do, you can't seem to get it. True?

Which one of these statements do you also relate to?

No matter what I do, it's never good enough.

There has to be a way to stop these panic attacks.

I'm addicted to food, but I want to lose weight fast.

I have no self esteem anymore and need to gain confidence back.

Why do I keep getting involved in toxic relationships?

Why does this keep happening to me?

It just doesn't work for me.

I watch as others celebrate success, while I keep struggling.

Another failed relationship.

I'm tired.

I'm miserable.

I just. can't. anymore. 

I give up.

Life in survival mode is no life at all.  In fact, survival mode is meant to protect you. It's not meant for you to live it every day. 

If you've been trying to suppress your negative feelings in order to make it another day, week, or month, it's safe to say it's not working for you, is it?

Actually, emotion suppression is related to depressive symptoms. Basically, suppressing those negative emotions now, will eventually lead you to need depression help and that's not a good place to be.

Isn't it time to move on with your life?

The answer to your freedom lies within you. It always has. So when you look within yourself to find the fix, you'll achieve the extraordinary results you need to be set free.

If you feel like you're in a stuck pattern in life, facing the same situation, different circumstance over and over, it's time to do something different


I have had many clients come to me saying they've tried everything and nothing has worked. If you could see them after their session, you'd be amazed at the transformation. It's all about changing the meanings of the events in your past. Being free from past traumas and events that have impacted you, is huge!

Imagine what total freedom is going to feel like...

You'll start to feel freedom after our initial contact, so just do it!

What Is RTT & How You Can Reset Your Life

"It was priceless!"

"Money cannot pay for what I received. It was priceless. I'm so happy to have experienced and benefited from this one Reset & Rebalance session. Thank you Akemi for being you and helping me with this transformation of my relationship with my kids. "
Much love!   Nadia - Vancouver, Canada


(These are the actual emails I received from Sarah before our consultation and after her session. I'm so elated for her! It's such an honor to be a part of my client's life journey. It thrills me to see the difference in their lives!)


"Hiya, my friend spoke with you about 2 weeks ago and recommended you to me. I am struggling. I’m 30 years old and have no interests or passions. I feel so numb. I can’t get enjoyment from things. I never have been able to - I’ve been more of a supporter helping others achieve their dreams and completely lost my own in the process. I felt too unlovable to get married so that was never a dream. I did my math degree then felt like I might as well drop dead. When I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism this added to the confusion as I don’t even feel I’m good at math anymore. This constant feeling of lack of enthusiasm, excitement and joy really upsets me. Let me know if you can help. Thanks." 


"Hiya! After our session I was emotionally exhausted. The rest of the day was good, I achieved a lot, then had a bit of a wobble as I tried making a recipe I hadn’t made before and it went wrong and I lost confidence. In hindsight, I think I should have just gone to bed! 

After I’d had a decent sleep that’s when I noticed the effects. I did feel lighter!  We had friends over last night and hosted, and have made plans to see parents this weekend. These were my ideas and my partner is loving it. He says I’m more sassy!

Yeah things are good. I feel an urge to go clothes shopping as it’s like none of my clothes suit me... it’s like seeing myself with new eyes."  Sarah - London, UK

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My turn! Let's do it!
Marisa Peer and Akemi at certification

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™)?

RTT is proven and endorsed by many professional bodies including:

The American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP

The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

The General Hypnotherapy Register (UK)

The General Hypnotherapy Register (UK)

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK)

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (UK)

The National and International Council of Psychotherapists (UK)

The International Association of Councillors and Therapists

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

How am I able to release you from unwanted behaviors?

All unwanted behaviors or issues are habits of action - i.e., smoking, drinking, fears, anger outbursts, guilt, unending sadness, etc. These types of actions or reactions are unconscious behaviors. It feels like you don't have any control over them. It just happens.

When you use a deeply guided meditation that silences the chatter so you can hear your inner truths, you're able to reach the subconscious level of your being, so can successfully get to the root beliefs of those unwanted behaviors. 

Remember, every habit of action is being run by a habit of thought. When you delete that habit of thought, the action is no longer valid for you.

In your first session, you will be able to go beyond the habit of action and find your deeper truths - the reason you're doing this action in the first place.

Talk therapy will not be able to take you there, effortlessly, easily. You're not reliving any experiences. You're reviewing it.

And you understand what was real, what was truth.

You really can be set free of self-defeating beliefs and patterns and replace them with new positive and powerful messages.

For each session, you will receive your very own bespoke meditation, recorded and given to you to listen to for at least 21 days after your session.  The Reset, Rebalance & Rebuild guided meditation sessions is solution focused and designed to find the root of the issue and remove it once and for all from your life. 

It's time for you to take back your power and live the life you were meant to live.

What can it treat?

The Reset, Rebalance, Rebuild three step program has seen exceptionally high success rates in treating extreme sadness, grief, addictions, triggers for stress, anger, deep emotional pains.

It has also provided incredible results for assisting in weight loss even when you've (genuinely) tried everything else, rebuilding confidence and esteem, fears, compulsive behavior, and any kind of blocks, bad habits and more. 

It even helps you break the cyclical patterns of attracting the same toxic relationships over and over again!

Is it possible to reverse the damage done by a toxic or narcissistic relationship?


The darkness that you live in is the results of all of the layers of false beliefs, fears, anxiety, gaslighting, chronic fatigue, prolonged exposure to stress, helplessness and hopelessness - who you now think you are.

Is it possible to heal from religious trauma and damage done by the Church?

Unfortunately, there is a growing wave of people who have been deeply hurt by the very community of people who claim to be givers of Love, Peace and Grace. Trauma, abuse, physical and/or mental harm, associated with perfectionism, blind obedience, guilt and shame can wreak havoc. Some left the church but didn't leave God. Others, left the church, God and anything else that resembled love and light. Whatever the case, you undoubtedly feel trapped, unable to escape, hollow inside and desperately alone because of the questions their belief systems left within you.

Your first step to healing is to undo the damage that was done to your belief system. Let go of the old toxic beliefs, and then reclaim your life. Rebuild on what is true.

Love & Gratitude List

"My visit with Aki was amazing.  From the moment you meet her, you are completely at ease.  My problems were many, pretty much you name it.  We had a session and after she left, I slept soundly and woke up the next morning feeling completely re-energized, looking at things differently now and the happiest I have been in years.

She brings a strong presence with her, almost magical.  If you are having any type of problem whether it be depression, weight loss, sleep problems, etc., this lady is the one for you.  Fill out the form now to start your new you."                     -Carla P., Greenville, SC

"After 5 years of being self employed I hit a wall. Life and business had thrown me 1 too many curve balls and I didn’t know how to recover. I felt blocked, almost paralyzed in my thoughts and actions and I knew I had to do something. I had been practicing Self Hypnosis  for a while with no real results so I decided to call in a Pro.

Before my session Aki took the time to listen and understand my concerns in detail.  From there she peeled back layers and walked me through scenes  to reveal and heal the root cause of my issues.

Things were uncovered that I never would have even imagined, healing me at the deepest levels of my subconscious and instilling clarity, confidence and strength in areas where I felt weak and foggy. After just 1 session I felt ready to take on the world, my ideas started to flow again and I was ready to get back to business.

Aki is a true healer and hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective therapy to uncover and heal  whatever is keeping you from living the life you want…the life you deserve."  -Monique F., Charlotte, NC

"I'm doing great now, achieved a weight under 90kg, learning Arabic very quickly thanks to hypnosis and also learning more about IT than before with better focus, precision and memory. The only issue I have now is I lost the last recording...I really hope you still have the recording and can send it, because it really is the best one."     -Adam D., Sydney, AU

"I have gone to a few therapists to get help, but I was never able to find anyone who could make a difference. You have helped me more, in one session, than they were ever able to do!  Thank you so much!"                      -Rob M., Honolulu, HI

"I am doing absolutely wonderful! I've been listening to the recording every day.  I've noticed since those blocks are no longer in my past, they're really no longer a part of my world!"  -Faye C., Ocala, FL

"Hypnosis?! What!? Yea, I don't know about that..." was my first AND second thought. But I had no reason to be apprehensive. I was completely aware of what was going on and what was being said the entire time.

I believed the negative and wrong things about me for so long I couldn't accept the truth. Digging deep and allowing the wrong and negative things to be confronted, cut out, and destroyed is what I needed and Akemi helped me with that. God uses people to help people, grateful me."              -IamSoLoved, Charlotte, NC

"This is JUST what sooooo many women need!!! You're amazing!"                       -Nikki D. Sydney, AU

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