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Success Stories

This page is comprised of all of the RTT clients who wanted to share their success stories.  Read on, if you're unsure if RTT is really as effective as we say...if it's truly worth the effort. Once you're ready to begin your journey to success, simply click here to answer a few questions and soon, you'll be able to post your success story too!


I made an appointment with Aki after hearing from my coworker at how wonderful her session was with Aki.  I started a weight loss program in January and needed some motivation on working out.  I've never done anything with hypnosis before and was truly skeptical about the whole process, but I was willing to try something new. 
Aki immediately made me feel at ease. The session was intense, and at the same time relaxing. But I was all in and gave it my all. 
After that one session with Aki, I went home and chilled with my husband for a while. I later went for a walk. It was the best walk ever! I felt energized,  alive and motivated.  I walked 3 miles that day and burned over 300 calories! 
That night I listened to my recording and was amazed to hear the words of motivation.  I had felt all those things that afternoon on my walk. 
I have also reached a huge  goal on a workout machine I had recently gotten.  The Boflex M5 trainer is not an easy machine to use.  They say 14 minutes day, three times a week is all you need for intense weight loss.  Aki specifically mentioned the machine in my recording. When I first met with Aki, the longest I could go on the Bowflex was 5 minutes.  Last week I hit the 14 minutes on the Boflex Max 5 trainer! It was such an exciting day for me. I literally jumped up and down with joy!
I love Aki and have recommended her to everyone! 
😉 Alba - Mooresville, NC


From the first moment I had spoken with Akemi, I instantly felt a connection. She's so full of life, amazing and beautiful inside and out and she makes you feel 100% comfortable and powerful!

My first session was absolutely phenomenal! We touched upon 3 scenes of my childhood that brought me exactly where I "was" today. I can't stress the "was" enough! It isn't me anymore. I was a person with anxiety and fears going through everyday life, not living fully or even being my true authentic self.  But, just after the first session, I'm now back in the game! I know my worth, I know who I am, and my past does not define me.

It only took 1 session for me to be myself again an for that I am forever grateful! I absolutely love Aki and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their way back to themselves!!! She will not disappoint! Best idol to have on this journey!

Vanessa - Montreal, Canada


My whole life I’ve had a really unhealthy craving for fast food. The older I got and with more financial freedom the worse this habit became to the point that I literally never cooked at home unless I had a guest, which was rare. 

After some divine interventions that lead me down the path to search for an RTT therapist near me, I contacted Akemi. From the first few minutes of our consultation I knew she would be able to help me and I didn’t hesitate to sign up for my RTT session.

The session was amazing, powerful, and to this date, months later I have experienced a dramatic and significant transformation in my thinking and my behavior. The session absolutely caused a total shift in the core belief driving that unrelenting habit.

Its truly baffling the absolute freedom I have experienced. I'm so grateful! I never knew that change could happen so fast and so permanently!

Forever grateful!
Portia - Charlotte, NC


Family bears
I was disconnected from my children due to being in a relationship where I was ignored and emotionally unsupported. I gave this relationship many years of my life during which I lost myself and found it really hard to connect with my kids. I found it hard to smile, or even have proper nurturing conversations with them. I had no idea what to do so just carried on as I was for the duration of 20+ years thinking this is just how it has to be, until one day I realize this is not a healthy relationship and I don't want my kids growing up thinking this is the norm. That's when I realized the relationship has to end. 
So this is when I met Akemi. She gave me an RTT session to be enable me to reconnect with my kids and establish real connection and love through meaningful strategies. By giving me a single session of RTT she managed to get to the root cause that was being the obstacle in the way of my relationship with my kids. It changed my whole perspective of who my kids were. 
Through RTT I managed to change my thinking regarding them. I was able to Express my love without awkwardness and disconnection.  It was a phenomenal experience. Akemi was very professional, strategic, comforting, non judgmental, and most importantly made me feel at ease and fully supported. She got to the root cause, eliminated it and caused a beautiful connection of love and empathy between me and my wonderful kids. 
Money cannot pay for what I received. It was priceless. I'm so happy to have experienced and benefited from this one RTT session. Thank you Akemi for being you and helping me with this transformation of my relationship with my kids. 
Much love 
Nadia - Vancouver, Canada 


It has been two months since I had my RTT therapy and I can't simply give a description to how my life has changed.  I'm so confident and clear, not confident in myself but confident I have the abundance of God. The therapy removed negative thinking and the emotions associated with those thoughts.  I don't worry that those insecurities and feelings of not being good enough will creep up. With the removal of those feelings of not measuring up or being damaged, I forgive everyone I ever thought hurt me and I forgive myself for doubting God is able to bless me, abundantly.

I'm even clearer than I was before, on how my experiences can be used to help others.  I'm confident and bold about that, but not with an inflated ego. I'm so comfortable being bold, transparent, and having genuine compassion for people.  I love people more, I love life, and to steal a church member's words, "In all my adult life, now I truly look forward to living.

confidenceA couple weeks after RTT therapy, I had the Vortex cleansing,  I feel so healthy. I have more than normal control of my eating.  I gave up sugar about five weeks ago and it's been 3 weeks since I gave up flour and flour products.  I don't miss it! Since the cleansing, I'm not experiencing the effects of gaseous food any longer either.

RTT has changed my life and I'll continue to give credit where it's due.  I'm so grateful and truly can't imagine life prior to the transformation. Since RTT, I truly feel as if I'm living my best life!

Regina S. - Charlotte, NC