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A Bug Free Mind BooksIn hindsight, the turning point in my life (and what got me started on the right track) was when I came across Andy Shaw, author of A Bug Free Mind, a book on achieving more from life. Andy taught me how to think and that made a world of difference in my happiness level.  This was definitely one of the first steps in my life transformation. Life has a way of coming together perfectly if you allow it to, because this book came at the perfect time.  

We're always told to think positive, feel happy, feel good, etc., but that's a bit hard to do when you're looking at your reality and you see how crappy it is.  Sure, you can say over and over, life is great, I love my life, but inside you feel the exact opposite. 

Andy Shaw doesn't teach you what to think, he teaches you how to think.  In fact, he explains that it's difficult for a person to just begin thinking positive about everything.  Instead, it's easier to remove the negativity from your thinking so that all that's left is positive.

He's correct.  After reading A Bug Free Mind, understanding the principles and applying them to your life, it truly is much easier.  

I got the first five chapters of this book for free, and you can get them here too:

However, by the time I finished listening to Chapter 5, I was online placing my order for the full set of audio books (there’s two of them).


Because I had found what I’d been looking for!  It just made sense to me. 

Andy has put together all the things you’ll probably have read before! All the things which you know work… (But you just can’t seem to make work).  It's an easy read and explained in a common sense approach. 

He’s created a system, which makes it easier to apply all the wonderful wisdom you probably already know, than it is to not apply it…

This means… It’s easier to do it the right way than it is to do it the wrong way… It really is simple and amazing.

When you read it (or listen to it, as the audio of it is free too), you’ll probably think the same as me, ‘why didn’t someone do this before, as it’s so obviously right!’

You can check it out here for yourself: You just need to register your details to access the first five chapters for free.

Here's to your success and an incredible life journey,

P.S. The first five chapters alone will probably change you…

So try it out, and you’ll see what I mean…

Rapid Transformational Therapy will help you remove the garbage from your past.  A Bug Free Mind will help you keep the garbage out of your future. 

This was what I needed, and it made a difference for me, so I think it may be what you’re after too.


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