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Why I Understand the Power of RTT


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I'm so confident in RTT because I've experienced it's power firsthand! 

I lost both of my parents by the time I was 14.  My brother and two sisters (ages 21, 18, 14, and 11) were left to figure out life on our own.  Coming from a small family, we had no one and this became a form of abandonment for me.

Our father succumbed to an illness.  Our mother murdered.  As a result, I grew up to be an adult who went through life with all of the desires of my heart unavailable to me, meaning, no matter what I did, no matter how promising the events lined up for me, somehow, through a series of bizarre ironic events, it would always fall apart just beyond my reach.  This occurred so often that we named it the "Carter Curse" and learned that this was just how life was.  When things happened, we'd call each other, talk about what happened, and laugh at the irony of the events.  This happened all of the time, not just occasionally.  Always. 

Fast forward to my own experience with RTT, I came to understand that at 14, I connected these things - love, success, money, etc. - to my mother's death.  In my 14-year old mind, I came to the conclusion that having these things meant 1) I wasn't safe, 2) bad people were going to get me, 3) and I was going to die. I recall having the belief that I wouldn't reach my 21st birthday.

I learned that I subconsciously wasn't allowing myself (self sabotage) to have these things.  This was a means of protection, because there was no one else who could protect me.  

RTT gave me the ability to understand what was happening.  The wall I came against time and again was built by myself, it wasn't bad luck, bad decisions or an outside force coming against me. Once I disconnected myself from these false beliefs, I experienced a sense of freedom that is indescribable.  My life opened up in ways I never thought possible.  I don't have to do affirmations to try and make myself believe these things.  I just know they are and I now experience life in a beautiful way.  That's an incredible feeling, one that I want everyone to experience.  I've since done sessions on other areas of my life, public speaking, performance anxiety.  That's another's truly amazing!


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