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Restart Your Life 45-Day Intensif

Restart Your Life 45-Day Intensif

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Do you have multiple areas of your life that needs realignment? The 90-Day Intensif program is for you. Overcome profound personal issues that have plagued you up til now. Sessions are scheduled during the 90 days to help you unlock your potential in multiple areas. Up to six deep diving RTT™ sessions are available for you to transform your life from the inside out.


  • Up to 6 RTT sessions to get you realigned to the goals you intend to achieve.
  • Bespoke meditation recordings designed specifically for your personal growth.
  • Weekly accountability call with Akemi to keep you focused and on track.

Recalibrate and realign. Be empowered with clarity.  Step forward with all the tools you need for success and own your greatness!