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PTSD Energy Clearing Workshop - 8 Week Program

PTSD Energy Clearing Workshop - 8 Week Program

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Patterns, Trauma, Stories & Drama

PTSD Energy Clearing sessions, uses energy healing techniques to clear out negative emotions, traumas, and blockages that are stored within the cellular level of your body.

You are a "creator being in a body" and you're either creating what you do want...or what you don't want into your reality. By habitually doing and experiencing what we don't want, it then becomes our body's muscle memory - the roadmap to your predictable future.

By removing these muscle memories of the feelings, emotions, and beliefs and replacing them with healthy ones at the cellular level of your "being" you're essentially restoring your energy and vitality, you'll feel more aligned, focused, and empowered to create positive change in your life.  How? Because these new healthy "memories" will be creating the roadmap that you choose to have.

Let's clear what's blocking you from living your best life.

Join me for a little 1-on-1 time: Experience a  30-minute energy clearing session each week for the next 8 wks as we uncover the patterns and energetic muck that keep you repeating the same cycles. We'll zap the "PTSD" so you can move forward living a truly emotionally balanced lifestyle.

Go big or go home!

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