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PTSD Energy Clearing Workshop - 6 Week Program

PTSD Energy Clearing Workshop - 6 Week Program

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  • "I need help right now to get my life back on track."
  • "I need support"
  • "I can't take it"
  • "Talk therapy doesn't work for me" 

You're not alone. We've all been there at one point in time.  There's a way out.

Patterns, Trauma, Stories & Drama

PTSD Energy Clearing sessions, uses energy healing techniques to clear out negative emotions, traumas, and blockages that are stored within the cellular level of your body.

As a human being, we are "creators" and we're either creating what we do want...or what we don't want into our reality. By habitually doing and experiencing what we don't want, it then becomes our body's muscle memory - the roadmap to your predictable future.

By removing these muscle memories of the feelings, emotions, and beliefs and replacing them with healthy ones at the cellular level of your "being" you're essentially restoring your energy and vitality, you'll feel more aligned, focused, and empowered to create positive change in your life.  How? Because these new healthy "memories" will be creating the roadmap that you choose to have.

Let's clear what's blocking you from living your best life.

Join me for a little 1-on-1 time: Experience a  30-minute energy clearing session each week for the next 8 wks as we uncover the patterns and energetic muck that keep you repeating the same cycles. We'll zap the "PTSD" so you can move forward living a truly emotionally balanced lifestyle.

Go big or go home!

Due to the nature of the services offered, RTT, Hypnosis, Energy Clearing, guided meditation services and membership packages are not eligible for refunds and must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase.

When purchasing packages which require you to make an upfront payment please make sure you are prepared to make the commitment to follow the program through to its conclusion before you make the purchase.

If in doubt, please schedule your discovery call first before purchasing.

    Customer Reviews

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    Pat B. (Charlotte, NC, US)
    Energy Clearning

    I've now done work with Aki twice and I saw changes immediately during both sessions. Her therapeutic technique allows for we seekers to identify and connect with our hidden subconscious limitation rapidly and impactfully. In the past I have tried traditional therapists and I never left feeling satisfied. It felt like we talked and then set an appointment for the next talk...and the next talk...and the next talk. After each session with Aki I walked away with answers, not more questions. I believe that her energy clearing sessions do more than clear energy, they clear your path.


    Akemi is one of the most powerful healers I have come across. I had a zoom session with her on removing money blocks (my sales had been nonexistent for several weeks) As she was swinging her pendulum I had the most bizarre physical symptoms such as nausea and pains in my hands, not what I was expecting, especially as I was on the other side of the world! The best bit...I had some orders come in that evening, a few days later an order from a shop that had previously said my parrot toys were too expensive for them to buy from me!