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Being Exceptional - 16 Week (4 Mo) Transformation From Pain to Purpose

Being Exceptional - 16 Week (4 Mo) Transformation From Pain to Purpose

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The Key to Unlocking Your Full Potential

Being Exceptional is unlike anything you have ever experienced or been offered before! Your mental health matters and when you realize you are in need of a full life overhaul, this program delivers!  You and I are going to right the wrongs of your past so you can begin living life the way you were meant to.

You are joining me on a journey of self discovery for the next 3 months, as I take you from where you are where you want to be.

We are reigniting your life togther.

You will be coached, mentored and receive award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) sessions and PTSD (Patterns, Trauma, Stories, & Drama) Energy Clearing sessions in this personalized workshop that's purpose is for you to reinvent yourself starting from the inside out! It just works.

What's included in this 16-Week (4 mo) personal workshop:

  • Up to 5 RTT® sessions
  • Up to 12 PTSD Energy Clearing sessions
  • Being Exceptional Workbook for self reflection
  • A copy of "Journaling With Intention" eBook
  • Guided Meditation mp3 - "You Are An Empowered Warrior"
  • Gift one RTT® session to a family member or friend
  • A special bonus gift to be mailed to your home

RTT® sessions runs circles around traditional talk therapy. RTT® takes you to the root of your issues so you're able to clear your problem out once and for all. It goes deep and spreads wide into many areas of your life!

Energy Clearing sessions removes the cellular memory of pains, habits, behavior patterns that are locked deep within, like muscle memory of the soul.  Like Dr. Joe Dispenza says - your familiar past is creating your predictable future.  It's time to replace these patterns with new cellular memory.  

This 1-on-1 program is designed for individuals who are committed to their healing and growth, and are ready to take the next step on their journey of transformation. Whether you're struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, or other challenges, this program can help you break free from your past and step into a brighter, more fulfilling future.

You're going to be able to turn your weaknesses into your strengths and your strengths into self mastery, so you can be exceptional in anything you choose to do in this lifetime!

It's time to reinvent yourself!  Are you ready?

Due to the nature of the services offered, RTT, Hypnosis, Energy Clearing, guided meditation services and membership packages are not eligible for refunds and must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase and program ends 12 weeks from your first session. Please be mindful to maintain and schedule your sessions accordingly. 

When purchasing packages which require you to make an upfront payment please make sure you are prepared to make the commitment to follow the program through to its conclusion before you make the purchase.

Payment options available.

If in doubt, please schedule your discovery call first before purchasing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jill M. (Brisbane, QLD, AU)
    So worth it! Incredible experience and incredible results!

    Aki has been truly amazing! 🤩
    My experience with her skills, abilities and guidance with the RTT & Energy healing processes have turned my mindset & life around for only the better. I feel so grateful and blessed to have been through this program with her. The process was so insightful, gentle, peaceful and WORKS!
    I certainly have a big spring in my step and have learnt to love, back myself and be my #1 with humility and kindness.
    Highly recommend!

    K.A. (Pittsburgh, PA, US)
    Life Changing

    I am so grateful to have found Aki. I was really struggling with my oldest child graduating from high school. The grief and anxiety I was experiencing was beyond what talk therapy was able to address. My first session with her was incredible. Life changing is not an exaggeration. Aki walked me through the process and explained how and why RTT works. Identifying and clearing the source of my anxiety was so powerful and relieving. I was able to be fully present for my child the days leading up to and the day of graduation. The peace that came from that session has carried over to my child leaving for college and my younger children getting ready to graduate high school. Since that initial session, I have continued to work with Aki addressing other areas of my life. It is fascinating what we are able to unlock given the right tools with a knowledgeable, compassionate guide. I am so thankful for the work we have done together and highly recommend Aki to anyone looking to let go of deeply rooted pain/trauma. The understanding and peace that comes from working with Aki is truly life changing.

    Shannon S.
    Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

    Aki is truly an amazing person to work with. She has a gentle demeanor and an insightfulness that allows her to really bring forth your deep rooted issues and helps you really get the most healing out of your sessions with her. The impact the RTT and energy clearings has had on my life is immense. Truly life changing! I feel better than I ever have. The process is so simple it’s mind blowing more people aren’t doing this. I’m super grateful to Aki for how she has helped reset my life and so grateful to God for bringing us together!