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Your Self Healing Journey Starts Here

Self Healing Life Journey

What happens when you begin your Self Healing Life Journey utilizing powerful tools such as RTT, Usui Reiki, Emotion Code, and Astrology? You jumpstart your life adventure by healing your inner child, release limiting beliefs, take back control to use law of assumption to escape this 3D world and step into your empowered self!

To think you're one day going to arrive to a perfect life without challenges, obstacles, or low moments in life is a mirage. No one will ever be perfect, you can, however arrive to a place where you can rise above the dark clouds, thunderstorms and gloomy days. Much like ascending in an airplane, riding out the turbulence of the troubled clouds in order to fly through and reach the peaceful and calm area above, where you see the blue skies, sunshine and clarity that's how I visualize a self healing journey.

No matter what, your focus shouldn't/can't be on what appears to be in your midst in this 3D reality, but what's straight ahead, your destination. The question is, how do you get from point A to point B?

My journey started in 2013 and I'm still living my life journey. Has it been fun? Nope. Not if I look at it from the “unwoke” perspective fighting an unknown, unseen force in life.

Fortunately, I've gotten through enough to be able to pull together my dream team, a group of powerful women, who are also in their life journey and have found themselves working in their powers, their purpose. Is our life perfect? Not really, but we're all having the time of our lives and we are extending access to our superpowers to you!

Your self healing journey starts here:

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