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Holiday Anxiety and Depression? No, Not This Year!

This year, I kicked the holiday sadness to the curb. How did I do it? By breaking through the stone wall that caused it in the first place. 
I uncovered the root cause and reason why love was unavailable to ME.  After all of these years, the answer had been right there in front of me, hidden just beneath the surface.  I unknowingly self sabotaged any and all efforts to have…anything. 
Why on earth would I do that?  Well, actually, I didn't do it purposely.  In fact, I had no idea I was doing it at all.  
Our minds are very powerful.  With our minds, we are able to instruct our bodies to do extraordinary things, without realizing.   Because our minds are programmed to keep us alive and to steer us away from pain, it did exactly that.
It has done a darn good job.
Our subconscious mind is neither friend, nor foe.  It will go about doing exactly as it is told.  It follows instructions.  The instructions are the beliefs we hold. 
Think for a moment about placebo drugs.  The placebo drug itself holds nothing of power, yet, if our mind believes it can and will cure our body of an illness, it will.  
Now imagine if your mind believes you are not worthy of love or able to have love.  What if your mind thinks the holidays are here again and it's going to be another sad, lonely time? What do you think will happen? Exactly, you won't find love or companionship (well probably a toxic one) and you will be sad and alone. It's just how it works.
The question you need to ask yourself now is this:  What beliefs are embedded within you that is causing you to be sad, depressed, or anxious?  
Once you understand the absolute root cause and reason for it, you can be set free.  Permanently.  I did and now I am so completely fulfilled because that emptiness doesn't exist anymore. I'm full of life, because I have my life back! I radiate a beautiful energy of love and happiness...and it's contagious!
So what did I uncover for myself?  As it turns out, at a young age, I unknowingly associated love with a very deep rooted pain. Loneliness was my companion and was familiar to me.  
Our minds love and is hardwired to do what is familiar and avoids what is unfamiliar.
When you understand what you are doing to create your reality - sadness, depression, anxiety - you are empowered with the ability to "uncreate" it. 
Don't waste another day dragging this heaviness.
You can let go of holiday depression, sadness and anxiety and hit your life reset button...quickly.  Let me help you uncover your inner truths and get your power back to enjoy your life this holiday season and for every season to come!
Give me 30 minutes to tell you how we can get you back on the right track. You still have time to enjoy the holidays this year…happy and set free. 
Wouldn't that be an amazing gift to give yourself?

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