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Life Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

It all depends on what your belief system is.

Your belief system is your true north. Your reality now is the direct representation and manifestation of those beliefs. It is these beliefs about yourself and your life that's driving you in life. It is your true north.  It is how you view your life to be in a deepest level. 

What is your truth about your life? Does great things happen for you in your life, yet you brace for the other shoe to drop? Do you hold to the belief that you take one step forward, but two steps back? Or how about the belief that you can't say out loud what you want to have in fear that you will jinx it?

Recently, I had a FB post conversation with someone who questioned whether RTT was helping her. She had a RTT session with another therapist a few months ago and was giving feedback of her experience.  She felt the magic was "wearing off" because she still felt a struggle there, even though she has experienced significant changes in her life as a result of her session. Her comments included small nuances that really stood out to me besides the belief that the "magic was wearing off." There were other comments like, "I need to share my struggles," "I can't seem to move on," and a number of references to struggling with "keeping the healing on track” (which is really just reiterating to herself that her healing is NOT on track). 

I pointed out these subtle negative phrases she was telling herself and asked her where they were coming from, why she was telling herself this. These types of limiting beliefs can seep in, oh so subtly, and sabotage any and all efforts you make when trying to overcome issues if you don't notice them and remove them from your self talk. They can be small little thoughts that are so common you wouldn't notice, but because your mind is responding to the words and images you give yourself, it makes a huge difference.

It all comes down to this one very simple fact:

Your belief system is your “true north” and it will guide you in the way you go. If you believe life is difficult, a struggle, an uphill battle, then you are absolutely correct. It is and will be in as many areas as possible, if not all of them.

It feels like the magic is wearing off.”

That is a limiting belief in disguise. When you detach yourself from false beliefs during an RTT session, it's gone. It no longer exists. The event happened, yes, but the false beliefs and negative feelings you acquired and associated as a result of the event no longer exists. I have had clients tell me time and again that they can't even find the feelings they had surrounding a belief after their session.

So then, what is causing the feeling of the magic wearing off?

After you've had your transformation from your RTT session, you'll feel on cloud nine because prior to the session you had been dragging yourself through life underneath the heaviness of whatever was uncovered for you during that session. It's like you're walking through life with a 100-lb weight on your shoulders. After your session, in most cases, the weight is significantly/completely removed. This gives you that feeling of freedom. There's a significant difference in the contrast going from old to new. You're a new person and as such you begin experiencing life without all of that heaviness and that feels incredible!

As time progresses, you'll become more used to the new you without the excess weight and this becomes your new norm. With that being the case, it's not that there was any "magic" to begin with, so therefore, nothing has actually “worn off” you've just settled into the newer upgraded version of you. Simply put, you don't feel the contrast of the heaviness and the freedom you felt so prominently before. This is normal. 

I need to share my struggles.”

Never, ever, take ownership of the issues, behaviors that you're overcoming. When you take ownership such as: my addiction, my illness, my (insert the issue here), you're programming your mind that you still have it. Instead, refer to it as “the _____” that way you're mind knows this is something that was acquired, but there is no attachment to it and therefore, it is to be released.

"I'm recognizing that I still have triggers...RTT didn't help me."

Your healing/transformation doesn't necessarily end when you leave the session. For some, yes.  For others, depending on how many layers there, you may need additional sessions. In any case, you will know what you need better than anyone else.

Regardless, your healing has taken place and you are always on track as long as you move forward and choose not to quit. RTT is a miracle worker because of it's effectiveness. You'd literally have to consciously choose to go back to what you were set free from. When you are set free, you are free indeed!

Because of this newfound freedom,you'll find that there's just so much to explore and learn about yourself. It's an amazing experience. Your subconscious mind (SCM) will continue to show you what you need to know and remove as you continue to move forward in life. So, if/when you notice triggers, it's not to say you're failing or RTT didn't work, it's all to do with you just observing what your SCM is showing you and then detach from those behaviors/false beliefs just as you did when you were in your RTT session – That's not me and that will never be me because _____. Your SCM is brilliant and it will lead you to even greater revelations and victories, if you are open to and allow it.

Again, the revelation of additional triggers is not to show you you've failed, it's just your SCM showing you there is another layer to be addressed. It's as plain and simple as that. You're still moving forward. Your healing/transformation is still progressing along as planned.

By telling yourself you're not on track, you're giving yourself the permission to continue to walk in your old ways. This is denying yourself the unwavering certainty of your transformation and basically trying to give yourself the excuse to go back. It's okay to stumble and fall along the way, just pick yourself up and move on. Going back, relapsing, giving in or giving up is NOT an option, period. 

RTT and your SCM will aid you in getting the freedom you're searching for. 

It continue to show you what you need to see and your belief system is the filter through which you will perceive this information. This is why it's important to have a healthy, balanced belief system as your foundation, your true north, guiding you along the way. Your life will move in a forward direction, either on a positive axis, or on a negative axis. Which axis are you on?

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