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Reinvent Yourself 90-Day Coaching

Reinvent Yourself 90-Day Coaching

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Overcome specific personal issues by working one on one with Akemi over a 90-day time period with one of the most effective methods of life transformation offered today.  One RTT™ session has made the most significant  difference for countless clients.

RTT™ uncovers and frees you from the root causes behind blocks that have kept you stuck.  


  • Three RTT sessions. Your structured plan of action will be assessed during the initial consultation.
  • Personalized meditation recording designed specifically for you and your personal growth.
  • Weekly accountability call with Akemi to keep you focused and on track.
  • Bonus - Two hypnosis sessions to compliment your skills.

Whatever issue you'd like to be free from, we will design a specific course that will not only release you from your block but will provide balance, strengthen and give you solid foundation to succeed.

Together we will uncover what lies beneath the wall you're facing right now.