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Ultimate Life Vision Board Workshop

Ultimate Life Vision Board Workshop

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Shake off the 2020 dust and come join the Grand Opening life celebration, Saturday, Feb 27, 2021 - 1:30-5:30pm @ the BRAND NEW Soul Wellness Holistic Center in Mooresville!

Not only is this day all about you and discovering the exciting life locked deep within your heart's desires, it's an after noon of fun, joy, happiness and life celebration!

Check the "old you" with all your life heaviness and stressors at the door, you can pick it back up on your way out, if you insist on keeping that old baggage!  

Your day is jam packed with enough info to get you started on your quest for the life of your dreams.

Discover your self sabotaging limiting beliefs and behaviors that are creating your unwanted life experiences.

Know what steps to take next to keep you on track.

As you create your Ultimate Life Vision Board you'll come to know who you really are and what to do to reach that dream life.

All supplies and deluxe accessories provided!