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Unmask your hidden Saboteur

Tuesday, June 27, 2023
7 PM - 8:30 PM (Online)
Do you have a hidden saboteur?

What would it take to increase your level of success in any area of your life?

  • Discover the power of your subconscious mind
  • Identify the obstacles that are preventing personal growth
  • Experience a guided meditation of self discovery and begin your healing process
  • Learn how to achieve extraordinary results as you embark on your journey of self discovery and empowerment

Don't miss this chance to unmask your hidden saboteur and unlock your true potential.

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💰 The investment for this empowering experience is only $29 per person, a small price to pay for unlocking your true potential and paving the way for a future filled with success and abundance.

Note: Suitable for all seeking personal growth and empowerment. No prior knowledge required.