Moon Magic Meditative Healing Session - Each Month

Moon Magic Meditative Healing Session - Each Month

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This is what happens when Hypnotic Meditation and Distance Reiki bubble join forces.

Moon Magic Meditative Healing

April 1, 2022 @ 9pm via Zoom


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Join me and the amazing Reiki Master, Blanca from Blooming Balance as we join our superpowers and create an amazing experience for each of you, to start breaking free from the chaos happening within you!

This is a virtual online session, meeting up on Zoom, where you'll be able to experience this phenomenal session in the privacy of your own home!

Each month will be a different topic and for only $15, you really can't go wrong.  

Whether it's healing your inner child, letting go of the useless emotional baggage that's holding you in a cyclical pattern of defeat, or finding who you are, in truth, you're going to get what you need to move you from your "stuck"ness.

There's so much in store for you.  Make 2022 YOUR year of greatness!

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Then, all you have to do is set your intentions for leaving the old you behind and then show up!

Any questions?  Drop me a message at myturn@resetmylifestyle, follow us on IG @resetmylifestyle and @bloomingbalance.