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Your Self Healing Journey Starts Here

What happens when you begin your Self Healing Life Journey utilizing powerful tools such as RTT, Usui Reiki, Emotion Code, and Astrology? You jumpstart your life adventure by healing your inner child, release limiting beliefs, take back control to use law of assumption to escape this 3D world and step into your empowered self! Your self healing journey starts here:

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Life Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

It depends on what your belief system is. Your belief system is what you know your truth is about life.  It is your true north.  It is how you view your life to be in a deep level.  What is your truth about your life? Does great things happen for you in your life, yet you brace for the other shoe to drop? Do you hold to the belief that you take one step forward, but two steps back? Or how about the belief that you can't say out loud what you want to have in fear that you will jinx it? Recently, I had a FB post conversation with someone who questioned whether RTT was helping her. She had...

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