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Custom Healing Meditation

What if you can detach from your problem long enough to let your subconscious mind help you get to the root and show you what you need to know?

Do you think you'd be able to find your way through the problem? Do you think you'd have much more inner peace knowing that your answers is coming from within you? 

Your subconscious mind is powerful. You hold all of your answers within yourself. Tapping into that resource of knowledge would be priceless.

I realized in my full Reset and Rebalance sessions, I take people on a journey into their awareness and while you're there, in that space where there is no judgement, you're able to see your truths and recognize what is truly holding you back from success. I found that by using focused guided meditation, you can be led onto a journey into your awareness to get to the answers you're seeking, for virtually any problem you're facing. 

In your personalized guided meditation session, you'll be able to know what it  would feel like to get to the true root of your problem. Once you're there you'll have a more profound understanding and more clarity in direction because you're viewing it from neutral ground?


By silencing the chatter, you're able to access the abundance of resources deep within yourself that can lead you to the answers you seek.



You choose the flow of sessions that's right for you (and your budget)! You can come in once a week, bi-weekly or once a month. You will know what feels right for you!

What's great about these sessions? You'll leave with the understanding you need to move through whatever issues you're facing.

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