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Charlotte Weight Loss Transformation MeetUp

What better way to connect with Charlotte (and surrounding areas) than with a MeetUp group?  

Recently we decided to create a group of weight loss enthusiasts to try and conquer this weight thing together. With the assistance of a little bit of hypnosis power, anyone can conquer their eating habits that pull them down that never ending spiral. Any chocoholics out there?! 

I know how difficult it can be to be motivated to exercise, to stop reaching for chocolate when life gets a little crazy, or to figure out how to exchange the junk food junkie habits while watching the next episode of Game of Thrones (that's right, only a few more days left for the start of the last season...eep!) 

The idea behind CWLT is to come together each month for a new group hypnosis audio that can be listened to throughout the month.  The first meeting was, oddly enough, sans MeetUp members. We had a decent turnout for the first time and feedback has been great. Consensus shows that once you get past the 2nd week of listening to the audio that you notice a more significant shift.  

The group hypnosis we did was all about telling our minds what we want and that is to let go of the rest of the excess weight our body was carrying.  It was also about letting go of the bad habits, sweets and carbs, craving fresh fruits and veggies, more motivated to exercise and to shed the excess weight off easily.  Knowing that shedding weight easily is absolutely and unconditionally available to us was also added in. 

The results?  The feedback has been great with people noticing their clothes fit differently, cravings are under control, more energy with their workouts and comments from others who have noticed a change.  Yay you guys!!!  High fives all around!

Congratulations to those who have started their journey.  For those who are on the fence about joining?  What are you waiting for?  Each month, we're going to do a different hypnosis - Weight control + something to compliment it!

So, come check us out and see when our next group session is and what we'll be covering in the next hypnosis!  We'll be waiting for you!

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